A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree is offered across a range of subjects at The SHRI SAI NATH MAHAVIDYALAYA

As its name suggests, a Bachelor of Science degree focuses on science and technical-based subjects.

The Science Faculty’s undergraduate curriculum is organised according to key disciplines, namely Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics and Physics, and Environmental Sciences.

Various degree programmes combine aspects of biology, ecology, geography, chemistry, technology and social science, as well as modern physics, applied mathematics and natural sciences.

Why study science with The SHRI SAI NATH MAHAVIDYALAYA?

The Faculty of Science is committed to academic excellence in the research, teaching and the dissemination of science. As part of The Open University, the faculty pioneered distance-learning of science more than 40 years ago, and continues to innovate in teaching and scholarship.

Career prospects

SHRI SAI NATH MAHAVIDYALAYA science graduates are well placed to enter both scientific and non-scientific jobs. The logical, reasoned approach needed for science study is relevant to a wide range of employment. For this reason science graduates – particularly those with strong communication and interpersonal skills – are greatly in demand.